To explore, survey, and study caves and karst in southeastern West Virginia and to assist karst researchers of all interests.


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General information


The WVACS roster includes over 170 members, including surveyors, diggers, cave photographers, researchers, and just about every other type of caver. We welcome anyone interested in goal-oriented caving and the route to membership is straight forward. Prospective members need only attend Project Weekends during which time you can gain a sponsor and become an associate member. You do not need to attend every Project Weekend. After six months, the membership votes during a business meeting whether an associate should become a full member.

Benefits of Membership

Members possess fieldstation keys, which allows them to use the facilities at any time. The two fieldstations include kitchens, showers, bunk rooms, laboratory, library, large meeting room, and a covered outdoor deck. There is a rappeling tower in the backyard along with a fire pit. Members pay $5/night and guests pay $7/night. Showers are $1. Annual dues are $25, which entitles members to receive the West Virginia Caver.

With over 1,500 caves in the immediate area, the fieldstations offer a great way to cave regularly without the hassle of camping or expense of staying in a hotel and eating out. Sound interesting? Email us at the address below.

A membership application form is here: http://www.wvacs.org/files/wvacs_application.pdf.
Please note that applicants must have a member endorse their application.

Our current officers are listed below.

Office 2018-2019
President Dave Socky
Vice-President Carroll Bassett
TreasurerChuck Frostick
SecretaryJessica Reep

Our Directors are: Gordon Cole (term expires 2018), Nick "Peppy" Socky (2018), Carroll Bassett (2019), Bob Ohler (2019), Ed Saugstad (2020), Dave Socky (2020), Larry Fisher (2019), Errol Glidden (2019), Greg Springer (2020), and Chris Walsh (2020).

Write us at wvacs.cavers@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to contact one of the officers or directors.

Our mailing address is: WVACS, c/o Chuck Frostick, P.O. Box 6885, Charleston, West Virginia 25362-0885.